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How to Instantly Fill Catalogs, Datasheets and Price Lists with Multilingual Product Data

How to Instantly Fill Catalogs, Datasheets and Price Lists with Multilingual Product Data

As a marketing manager you face a range of organisational demands, with senior staff members relying on you for the rapid generation of error-free catalogs, datasheets and price lists - in both printed and digital forms. This could prove a real nightmare as you struggle with the management of disconnected and inconsistent data from fragmented systems, databases and Excel sheets on an everyday basis.

It might be ok to use separated systems for the storage of a limited amount of product data in different forms when you’re operating on a local basis. However, it will add a frustrating layer of complexity should you look to expand – particularly if you’re planning international expansion. Large amounts of time might be spent collecting product data for your digital and print publications, in addition to the performance of other organisational tasks that add little value. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The Single Source of Truth for Product Information

The introduction of a Product Information Management (PIM) system will be a game-changer for most international businesses. As a single source of truth, the PIM will provide you with rapid streamlined access to real-time product data for all your sales and marketing channels – including digital and printed catalogs, datasheets and price lists. No longer will you have sleepless nights worrying about the damaging impacts of outdated data and errors that would otherwise occur in the manual organisation and collection of information. You’ll be able to manage everything from one place.

Catalogs, datasheets and price lists with PIM

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Reliable Product Information in Multiple Languages

While the prospect of international expansion is bound to cause excitement, it could give you a headache in terms of multi language product management. After all, your international success will depend to a great extent on the rapid and accurate translation and publishing of product data.

However, there’ll be no need for concern about the amount of time needed for the management of multilingual product information across online and offline channels following the implementation of a PIM system. You’ll be assured of a stress-free experience in the creation and maintenance of such multilingual data. With an automatic product information translation process, texts can be digitally transferred directly from the PIM system to the translation agency and back into the PIM again - no manual actions needed.

You’ll also be able to monitor the presentation of product information across multiple countries, easily identifying any mistakenly translated product texts. Product data will be updated and published just as quickly across several markets as when promoting in a single language.

Other advantages of the multi language product information management system include:

Customer-focused Promotions

Apart from the creation of multi lingual product catalogs, datasheets and price lists, you may also be faced with the challenge of having to produce targeted product promotions for specific customers. Without a PIM system this will once again involve the time-consuming process of collecting and presenting the correct product data.

From the organisation of multilingual price lists to the presentation of precise specifications, everything will be so much easier when you have a PIM system in place. A PIM system will enable you to advise prospective customers in the most targeted fashion and at speed. It will allow for the creation of customized datasheets and price lists in the customer’s language, complete with currency-adjustments, special prices, and pictures of featured products.

With all of the data available from one single source of truth, you’ll be able to choose the most suitable visual templates directly from within the PIM system to share for the best sales prospects. Customers can even be given access to their own digital portal featuring updated information about products of particular interest.

Complete Control of Your Product Data

From the minimised risk of manual errors to the easy publishing of marketing materials in different languages and currencies, there are so many benefits associated with PIM implementation. Time that would otherwise have had to be spent sending product information back and forth will now be saved, so that you can focus on the adoption of value-adding marketing strategies. You’ll enjoy a competitive edge and enhanced sales prospects given the faster time-to-market achieved with the PIM system.

Whether prioritising the automated management of multilingual product catalogs or publishing of international datasheets, PIM is a stand-out choice.

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Catalogs, datasheets and price lists with PIM Download our guide on how to publish catalogs, datasheets and price lists in a flash for further information about the stress-reducing and time-saving benefits of the complete PIM system.

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