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How PIM Helps You Win the Heart of the E-Commerce Customer

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Customer experience is important for all businesses, but it is particularly vital for the success for online sellers. When you sell online, your customers can desert you for your competitors with nothing more than the click of a mouse or a few taps and swipes on their mobile device. Giving browsing customers the information they need can help you keep them on your site and convert your traffic into sales. Let’s take a look at how product information management (PIM) systems can help you win the hearts of your customers.

What Is PIM?

A product information management system allows you to centrally organize your product data to ensure that every page on your site provides the information customers need. When you use a PIM system, you can be sure that every product description on your site is updated and accurate. When you need to change or update information about a product, you can simply change the product data in your central database and push it out to every page on your site. PIM can also help you provide images and videos to help your customers decide whether a particular product is right for them.

PIM Reduces Product Returns

When you offer more accurate product information on your website, fewer customers will mistakenly buy a product that turns out not to be what they expected. As a result, you will have fewer irritated customers and fewer product returns to process. Research shows that 22 percent of product returns occur because consumers receive products that are different than what they expected. Meanwhile, 23 percent return products because they bought the wrong item. Providing accurate and up-to-date information can help you avoid these returns, reducing costs for your business and giving customers a better experience of your brand.

PIM Provides an Integrated Buying Experience

The typical modern consumer uses a range of different devices to shop online. Offering a uniform buying experience across all channels, including desktop and mobile, can strengthen your brand image and make life easier for your customers. Using a PIM system to create an integrated buying experience can give your brand a professional, trustworthy image that encourages customers to buy. PIM ensures that the same product information appears no matter what device customers use to access it.

PIM Allows Cross-Selling and Upselling

Product information management systems allow you to group similar products together to make shopping easier for the people who visit your site. You can use PIM technology to show customers products that are similar to the ones they view on your site. This helps your customers find the items in your range that are exactly right for their needs.

PIM: Best for Customers, Best for You

If you sell online, a good product information management system can transform the shopping experience you offer to your customers. Rather than forcing customers to wade through pages of outdated, inconsistent product information to find the products they want, introduce a PIM system to provide up-to-date information on every page. When you make it easy for customers to browse and buy products from your site, you should see conversion rates soar and returns dwindle.

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