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How to Create a Compelling E-Commerce Product Video

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In recent years, video marketing has become a massive industry. Today, customers crave visual communication with brands, and video content is proving increasingly effective.

According to HubSpot, 43 percent of consumers want to see more video content from brands and 51.9 percent of marketers say that video content offers the highest ROI of all the content they produce.

But how do you develop stunning product videos for your e-commerce company, and what's the secret to getting people to watch them?

Read on.

5 Tricks for Better E-Commerce Product Videos

If you want to create compelling product videos, follow these five tips:

1. Provide Context

Context is everything when it comes to good product videos. This is especially true for e-commerce products, which consumers can't see, touch, or feel before they purchase. The more people understand how your product fits into the fabric of their daily lives, the more compelled they'll feel to purchase it.

With this in mind, be sure to offer context for the product videos you produce. Demonstrate how the product solves a problem or addresses an issue. Show the consumer how they can use it in their daily lives. Make the product inspiring and exciting. The closer you come to this, the more compelling and exciting your videos will be.

2. Tell a Story

Videos are, first and foremost, visual stories. When people view your product video, they don't want a collection of metrics and statistics. Instead, they want an emotional story they can connect with. Give them this by showcasing not only your product but also the culture and people behind it. Think of how brands like Airbnb and Dollar Shave Club have done this.

The more emotive and beautiful or funny and irreverent you can make your product videos, the more likely people are to remember your brand, purchase your products and spread the word about your company. No matter what you do, just be sure you're staying on-brand.

3. Target Your Audience

Your e-commerce product videos need to speak directly to your target audience. As you produce product videos for your brand, be sure they're using a tone, voice, and approach that your target consumers will appreciate and that you're going the extra mile to ensure your videos are relevant and attractive to those consumers. When your videos speak directly to your most desirable consumers, you're more likely to make sales and attract new customers.

4. Be Authentic

Today, customers don't appreciate scare tactics and false urgency from e-commerce brands. Instead of trying to strong arm consumers into purchases in your videos, be authentic and provide value. Show, don't tell, how your products are useful and helpful and ensure your customers understand what makes your product different from everything else out there. Remember that consumers are attracted to authentic brands, and being yourself is a great way to earn more business.

5. Include a CTA

No product video is complete without a CTA. To ensure your customer takes the action you want them to, include a CTA that tells them what to do and when. Make this CTA clear, straightforward and as simple as possible. This boosts the likelihood that people will follow it and that your product video will become a high-converting sales powerhouse.

Compelling product videos don't happen overnight. Instead, you need to use a series of smart tactics and intelligent approaches to make them compelling, relevant, and exciting to your online consumers. This boosts their effectiveness and helps your brand build its bottom line.

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