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Perfion PIM Classified a Vendor of Assurance in Ventana Research’s Product Experience Management Value Index

Perfion PIM Classified a Vendor of Assurance in Ventana Research’s Product Experience Management Value Index


AUSTIN, TX March, 2023 - - The Value Index for Product Experience Management in 2023 finds Perfion PIM on the list, categorized as a Vendor of Assurance.

Ventana Research has released its 2023 Product Experience Management (PXM) Value Index, a quantified, research-based index evaluating technology providers and products.

PXM is built on decades of evolutionary advancements of Product Information Management (PIM) systems that have focused on the administration and standardization of product content and data for internal processes and applications. But not all PIM have evolved to support product experiences that can be consumed and provided across the demand and supply chain, though the needs of organizations necessitate those capabilities.

Perfion is among the best PIM solutions

“There are many Product Information Management solutions in the market, and we are extremely proud that the Perfion PIM solution is once again among the best, classified a Vendor of Assurance on Ventana Research’s Value Index for PXM,” said Dick Brunebjerg, President and CTO, Perfion Inc.

Perfion PIM is an easy-to-use, no-code Product Information Management solution, serving as the Single Source of Truth for product information. With Perfion, all kinds of organizations manage product data in one place and from here push it to their print and digital publications, apps, online stores and websites. Perfion is open to integrate completely with existing IT-platforms and handles continuous changes in requirements without extra cost.

How Perfion Works? See it now:

How Perfion works? See it now.

CITIZEN: Perfion was the only PIM that rose to the top

Citizen Watch Company of America, Inc. is one of the almost 700 companies worldwide that have benefited from Perfion’s PIM functionality:

“We chose Perfion because it was the only PIM solution that rose to the top. The best is its ability to integrate into other systems so that we can have a Single Source of Truth instead of maintaining data in multiple systems. Other advantages are its flexibility and ease of use. Using a PIM system will give us better visibility and make the whole company better,” said Trish Keller, Citizen Watch Company of America, Inc., a US watch manufacturer.

You have to stand out

“With the launch of the new Perfion 5.0 in 2022, we took the Perfion PIM solution to an unprecedented level, in terms of both functionality and user experience,” said Jan Nørret, CEO, Perfion. “There are many Product Information Management solutions on the global market. To succeed, you must stand out and offer something that others can't. With the launch of the new Perfion 5.0, we did just that.”

Mark Smith, CEO and Chief Research Officer at Ventana Research, congratulates Perfion on the commitment to product information and experiences:

“Meeting the requirement for next generation of product information management (PIM) requires commitment to the ultimate value in product experiences and the consumption across any channel for any process. Congratulations Perfion for your commitment to product information and experiences and continued success, and for enduring the assessment of your company and products with our Value Index methodology designed to help organizations find the best fit from technology for their requirements and your classification that identifies your focus to provide the best possible customer experience.”

About the Perfion PIM solution

Perfion is a 100% standard Product Information Management (PIM) solution for companies with a complex product structure or need for multi-channel, multi-language communication.

With Perfion you get a single source of truth for product information which gives you full control of all product data from day one wherever it is applied, e.g. webshops, websites, supplier portals, smart phone apps, printed catalogues, fact sheets, social media, direct mails, newsletters, etc.

Perfion offers easy integration to a number of platforms and applications, including Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV, and 365 (out-of-the-box integration), SAPCMS systems, web content management systems like Umbraco,  e-commerce systems like e.g. Sana CommerceMagento CommerceShopifyUcommerceOXID eSales, and more, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Adobe InDesign and others.

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