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Why Certified Perfion Partners Ensure Product Data Success

All Perfion partners must have a high level of competencies and knowledge about the Perfion PIM system. Therefore, Perfion’s partner certification is an offer and a requirement at the same time.

Perfion partners are able to offer their customers the market's strongest standard PIM solution. They have full access to Perfion's accumulated knowledge and expertise AND they know their own market and their customers inside out.

Bluedesk is Certified Perfion Solution Partner

Bluedesk, one of Perfion’s trusted and experienced Dutch partners, is a Certified Perfion Solution Partner.

Bluedesk - Certified Perfion Solution Partner - Barry Tempelaar.jpg

Bluedesk's director Barry Tempelaar explains how the partnership with Perfion adds to his customers' e-commerce success:

“We are working daily with our customers’ online success and we often see that several of their employees spend weeks struggling to get product information in order for the webshop - an unproductive and time-consuming process! This is why we chose to partner up with Perfion.

With the Perfion PIM solution, you can create a single source of correct product information, e.g. text, technical data, files, images, audio, and video, allowing you to get complete control over all product data in your webshop – and on every other sales and marketing platform. The combination of Perfion PIM and the Bluedesk e-commerce platform offers our customers an efficient and conversion-enabling solution for successful e-business.”

When you work together with a Certified Perfion Solution Partner like Bluedesk on your PIM project, you can be sure that the partner is certified in:

  • Selling the Perfion PIM product suite using the experience and knowledge of their own sales team
  • Implementing and supporting the fully featured Perfion PIM Solution independently

Perfion partnership levels

Perfion offers three levels of sales partnership - Business Partner, Solution Partner and Premium Partner. 

Partners who wish to focus 100% on the implementation of the Perfion PIM solution can be certified as Implementation Partners. 

Full control of product data

There are many benefits associated with becoming a Perfion Partner. Combined, they provide partners with the ability to offer their customers a better service by being able to add an integrated and efficient PIM system to their IT setup and thus ensure them full control of all product data and a more productive workday. 

How to achieve product data success yourself

Browse the Perfion website to find existing Perfion partners for your PIM project or learn about becoming a Perfion partner.

If you have questions, please never hesitate to contact us.

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Get access to all the great insigths about Perfion PIM.

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