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How to ensure the success of product data in the entire company


Perhaps you have even been in this situation yourself: The tasks are piling up. You must update product data for a whole product line which has been changed. You are slaving away to get it all...

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Sell your design products easier online with a PIM system


When you are selling a beautiful and classic piece of jewelry online, the customer gets much more than e.g. a 14 karat gold ring with 3 embedded diamonds.

Likewise, if you offer an exclusive piece...

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Do you have a webshop? Here’s how to get ready in a flash for sales in multiple countries


Once you, as a company, experience how a webshop can contribute to an increased turnover in the domestic market, the idea of expanding sales to several countries is intriguing. In practice,...

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Three good reasons to create a new product in PIM before ERP


If you are a product manager, you will likely recognize this scenario: 

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"Warning" to marketing managers: Customers will be dependent on the detailed product information in your webshop


To be dependent – it doesn't sound particularly nice right off the bat. Nevertheless, your customers can easily be "dependent" in a good way, if you are a marketing manager giving them a unique...

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How to quickly prepare your products for the online store using PIM


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How to get PIM to easily print documents using data from ERP


Most marketing departments will recognize the challenge: the need to be able to communicate quickly with individually adapted information for the customers is increasing, but there is no extra...

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Disorganized product data prevents you from succeeding in e-commerce


An online store must be visually inviting, easy to navigate and fast to use. The whole idea behind e-trade is to make purchasing easier for the customer, but even the most beautiful designs and...

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The one thing a B2B online shopping site must focus on


Here is the hard truth for those of you who work with B2B e-commerce. Just about no one visits your online store because they want to. 

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Avoid these 4 obstacles and succeed with B2B e-commerce


E-commerce is a hot topic among B2B companies. Everyone agrees that the potential for e-commerce is enormous, and that it is important not to get left behind.However, it is not an easy exercise,...

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